Mastering the art of the Longsword

When a blade swings towards you, life becomes simple

Long Distance hema

Want to improve your sword fighting, even during a global pandemic?

Long Distance HEMA is an online private tuition course, created to provide you with a solid foundation in Longsword training. Building from the ground up I guide you through my view of the core aspects, using german longsword terminology. It is my goal to challenge your current ideas and habits. This way you can figure out which to keep and which to change in order to grow further.

You can find more information and how to sign up here.


It takes work to make a team work. Sparring allows members to challenge each other, by giving and receiving feedback. Sparring requires a safe environment and helps to create it.

When someone swings a blade towards you, life becomes simple . The next step is clear: act. Defend yourself. Something needs to happen, now. Move away or block the incoming attack with your own blade.

Specific skills and personal preferences can make interaction very complex. My goal is to simplify choices. To provide a new approach towards the interaction and dynamic within the team.

Growing a stronger team can be done in many different ways. If you are looking for something different and exciting, an experience that drives you towards a better focus: contact me.

About Arto

I am striving to be the most technically skilled longsword fighter in the world.

Performing clean and consistent techniques makes me stand out from the crowd. In any given tournament it is my goal to win according to my own standards. The main purpose of tournament participation for me, is to validate my system. In the past years, receiving the technical award on several tournaments has been highly motivational.

Winning to me is: staying close to my interpretation and beliefs, staying close to myself. Using the tools I know to be effective under any given circumstance. Speed, power and dedication can take you far, but only so far. Swordfighting taught me to plan and decide before engaging.

When fighting, I only focus on what truly matters. One action at the time. Continue and pursue it’s true intent, with all my heart, until it has fulfilled it’s purpose and the time has come to let it go. Switch to the next action and never quit.

I started training in 2005 and became a teacher in 2007. In the past 14 years, I have grown as an international instructor and tournament competitor. Besides local group trainings on a weekly basis, I provide event workshops, full weekend seminars and private tuition in The Netherlands and abroad.

The wish to share the discovery of new possibilities is what drives me as a trainer. When all of a sudden the realisation hits that something is now within your grasp, eyes light up with a sparkle. This sensation is among the most exciting in the world and making it happen makes me truly happy.


Historical European Martial Arts are a way of moving, thinking and feeling. In my journey exploring the historical martial art of the medieval longsword, one aspect has always been the most enjoyable: the personal connection that can be found.

My research into the core of this art is driven by the wish to find the next step to grow. I can guide your discovery of possibilities by building a structurally solid foundation and increased awareness, using positive affirmation and acknowledgement of success.

In short, I will help you get to know yourself a bit better. A deeper understanding of the way you move, think and feel is key to unlocking true potential. Challenge yourself to become the fighter you can be.

Efficient and effective improvement of skills requires the focussed training of one thing at the time. Finding the one thing that keeps you back on your own proves to be difficult, nearly impossible. I will help you find it.

The past decade of teaching worldwide led me to a clear and universal approach.

  • Teach principles and connect.
  • Create a complete picture.
  • Unlock personal growth.

Currently my idea’s and philosophy are finding it’s way to every corner of the planet.It is my goal to train, coach and inspire people. No matter what level, personal goal or continent.

If you are interested in finding the next step in your development as a fighter or trainer, contact me.


“Arto’s workshops are masterclasses in bio-mechanics.

His deep understanding of how engaging your entire body enables you to do more with less was an eye opener for me, and it has shown me new avenues to grow my sword skills in.

From warm-ups that activated muscles that I didnt even know existed, to creative drills that allow a far deeper understanding of the mechanics at play, he engages your body and your mind the whole way through.

He is a calm, competent and thorough educator (the same can be said for the way he fights), and I would relish any opportunity to train with him again.

If you get the opportunity to go to his workshops do it, it is well worth the investment, and I guarantee you will find something that will heighten your understanding of HEMA.”

Matthew Simpson – Adelaide Sword Academy – Australia

“Arto Fama is perhaps the best technical longsword fencer in HEMA today. He not only has a wall full of medals, but has won numerous technical awards as well. His mastery of the Zwerchhau is proverbial, and his ability to put historical technique into practice is unparalleled.”
Matt Galas – Belgium

“Arto is the rare kind of fencer who is not only immensely talented in his own right, but is also a gifted teacher who brings the theory and practice of fencing together in a way that is accessible, effective, and historically grounded.

His precision and structure as a fencer is almost unparalleled, and his ability to teach these very same skills to others means that even a few sessions with him can make an enormous difference to a person’s fencing.

With almost boundless enthusiasm and an open approach to training, his love of historical fencing shines through in everything he does, and makes working with him a genuine joy.

Be warned – training with Arto may change your perspective on training forever!”

Daniel Pope – Scholar Victoria – Australia

“Arto Fama spent the morning coaching me and 10/10 would suggest booking him in for your club! I had a 1 on 1 training and I totally feel more confident now and had a great time to boot!”

Suzanne Eliot (saberfit_hema) – Adelaide Sword Academy – Australia